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The Mission of the Bristol Lighthouse Committee

To reunite the Pemaquid Lighthouse Tower with Lighthouse Park, and to preserve and protect this spectacular piece of maritime history for present and future generations

There are few Maine icons as well known as the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point in Bristol, Maine. Rising eighty feet above the crashing surf, the beacon has protected ships from the dangerous rocks below for more than 180 years.

Today, the seven acre park at Pemaquid Point is owned by the Town of Bristol and operated by its Parks and Recreation Commission. For nearly 60 years, the town has maintained and preserved the property while welcoming more than 100,000 guests each year. These visitors can walk among picturesque gardens while taking in the spectacular views of Johns Bay, Muscongus Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. They can feel salt spray as they perch on the rocks or even enjoy a picnic in a grove of Spruce trees. Many visit the first floor of the keeper's house, home to the Fishermen's Museum, and its collection of photographs, information and artifacts showcasing the area's maritime history and culture. The nearby oil house and bell tower are open to the public and feature displays. Across an ample parking lot are an art gallery and the new Learning Center, featuring programs, classes and music during the summer months.

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The Coast Guard, in its efforts to reduce costs, is poised to place the light tower on an "excess property" list. When that happens, various governmental and non-profit organizations will be able to apply for ownership. Based on a number of criteria, the party with the best application will be allowed to take possession of the tower. For the last two years, the Bristol Lighthouse Committee, working with Steven Richardson of Van Ness Feldman, PC, a well respected Washington, DC law firm, has been working to prepare and update a comprehensive application to acquire the tower. The committee believes it can advance a powerful argument for the town to own the tower. We invite you to explore this website, and see why we, whose heritage is inextricably linked with the Pemaquid Lighthouse, hope to "Reunite the Light"